We offer high quality frozen and refrigerated, convenient packed foods, manufactured by trained employees under strict hygiene measures; made with premium raw materials, which enables us to give our clients a delicious product, creating trust in our brand and reliability on our service; trying to enjoy every step of our journey.



Mrs. Georgette Saker, born in Damascus, Siria, and her husband Alfredo Farah, founded the restaurant Arabe e Internacional in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Nowadays, 58 years later, the restaurant is standing strong after overcoming the pandemic restrictions, and the quality of the food is valued both nationally and internationally.


Mrs. Georgette noted the positive response of the restaurant’s fried snacks, such as Kibbeh, Wheat Dough Empanadas, and Cheese Sticks, and had the brilliant idea of freezing them, packing them, and selling the products at the family house garage, under the FARAH® brand.



The company was formally registered in the chamber of commerce of Cartagena and the first supermarket is served, located at the Bocagrande neighborhood. During the following years, the cities of the northern coast of Colombia were able to delight themselves with our exquisite products. However, the cold storage and transport chain was only nascent in the country. Young William Farah, son of Georgette and Alfredo, takes on the management of the company.


The FARAH® brand arrives in the big cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, San Andrés Island, Bucaramanga and other Colombian cities. The country was hit by a strong economic recession at the end of the twentieth century which hit hardly the firm. With persistence and commitment, the harsh moment is overcome. New products are born and added to the FARAH® portfolio, such as the Yucca Empanadas and the Corn Dough Empanadas.


Due to organization and growth needs, capital was deposited by new shareholders and the company name VENTURA FOODS S.A. was founded in the year 2007.

Female Pillars

During the second decade of the new millennium, Ventura Foods grows the production, operation, and scope, reaching more than 400 stores in Colombia. One of our main backbones has always been the female majority of our employees, women in large part leading the income of their households. Every day, every hour, and every minute they give their care, dedication, and thoughtfulness into the process of making our products.



The Quality Procurement System is certified under the ICONTEC standard 6001, a process that is thoroughly guided by Mrs. Veruzka Canabal, an employee that leaves a big mark on the company, with her human example of generosity, discipline, and kindness.


Innovation focused on product development becomes strong in Ventura Foods. The plant-based falafel is launched into the market, achieving great results.


Empowering the product innovation, the FARAH HUMMUS dip is developed. The FARAH HUMMUS( the first refrigerated product of the company and marks the entrance to a new product category.



The first year of the pandemic ended with the overall satisfaction of giving all our effort and the gratitude felt for achieving great results; every employee of VENTURA FOODS, alive and well. All work contracts have been maintained since the pandemic started. Commitment, coherence, and consistency are three words that each day make up a bigger part of the company’s purpose.


The month of July 2021 marks a milestone in the company’s history: the first export of the company is made, to the United States of America.